FC Barcelona supporters’ movement more international than ever with 11 new official clubs

NEWS 10 Dec 2018 - CMP

FC Barcelona board of directors also approved new supporter clubs rules as presented at the last World Congress

The FC Barcelona Supporters Club World Confederation is constantly getting bigger and the official recognition of eleven new supporter clubs by the Board of Directors is a clear example. With these latest incorporations, the number of supporters clubs around the world is now 1,262.

As well as the new ‘penyes’, the board also passed the new supporter clubs regulation at its board meeting yesterday, and which had previously been approved by last August’s FC Barcelona Supporters Club World Congress.

The important changes include a new procedure for approving FC Barcelona ‘penyes’ whereby the Federation shall play a central role in monitoring the recognition procedure. The new text also sets out a code of discipline and a Disciplinary Committee to complement the Supporter Clubs Ombudsman.

International expansion

Of the eleven new clubs, nine are international, from Europe (3), Africa (5) and Central America (1), thus boosting the international presence of the movement.

The newcomers in Europe are two from France, one in Bordeaux and one in Vandoeuvre Lorraine, taking the total in France to nine. We also welcome the first Penya Blaugrana in Belarus, based in the capital of the country, Minsk.

From Africa there are five new clubs based in Tunisia, Mozambique, Algeria and two in Morocco. The former is the PB Sfax, with 350 members. The second is in Maputo, the first official supporters club in Mozambique, and we also welcome the Penya Blaugrana Alger, from the Algerian capital. 

With two new clubs in Morocco, the Penya Gent Blaugrana Meknès and the Gent Blaugrana de Tanger, we now have ten clubs in the country, which is the foreign one with the highest number of FC Barcelona penyes.

We have also continued to expand into Latin America, with a new club based in the Panamanian capital, the Peña Barcelonista de Panamà.

Closer to home, we have the Penya Barcelonista Supporters Barça based in Nou Barris (Barcelona) and the Peña Corazón Culé de Málaga (Malaga).