If you’re an official FC Barcelona supporters club, you can buy tickets for first team matches by visiting the online procedures website. Here you will find all the available games, and you can either buy your tickets directly for matches held at Camp Nou or make a reservation for away games. If you can’t find the match you’re looking for it’s because the sale and conditions of the same are still not available. In this case, you’ll find the information you’re looking for on the same website.


Official FC Barcelona supporters clubs receive a special 15% discount for matches played at Camp Nou, and there is also a special promotion on the booking fee, reduced to 1 euro per ticket. With this system, you can also apply for tickets until the very last minute, as the website is directly linked to the Seient Lliure system. Once purchased, you can print off your tickets at home on an ordinary sheet of A4 paper and make your way directly to Camp Nou.

Other services for supporters clubs at Camp Nou

Coach parking

Official penyes have a parking space available for games held at the Camp Nou. In order to request one, an application must be submitted in advance through this form.

For games played on a weekend, the request must be submitted by Tuesday at 23:59 at the latest. For midweek games, the request must be sent before the Thursday of the previous week, by 23:59 at the latest.

For penyes that use the service frequently, the club will process a parking pass at the start of the season.

Penyes that require a pass for a specific game can receive it through this system along with a reference number, sent directly to their email address to print at home, without the need to collect it at the stadium ticket offices. The parking pass should be printed on A4 paper, in colour and both front and back.

Drivers’ invitations

Those drivers who take Official Penyes to the stadium will also have the opportunity to enjoy the game, with an invitation to the 3rd tier per bus to watch first team football matches -except those played against Real Madrid or European knockout games.

This invitation must be requested at the same time as the request is made for a parking pass, through the same form.

The number of invitations is limited to 60, and requests will be attended on a first-come, first-served basis.

Collection of the invitation must be made on the day of the match, at the ticket offices, with the reference number and chauffeur’s driving licence.


All ticket applications need to be made exclusively through the online procedures website.  The deadline for ticket applications is one month before the match. Any applications made outside of this timeframe will be put on a waiting list. It is important to remember that the reservation of these tickets does not guarantee they will be assigned.

No cancellations or refunds will be accepted after the tickets have been purchased. For reasons of security, changes to the name of the ticket holder cannot be made once the ticket has been allocated and paid for. The responsibility for any inappropriate use of the ticket rests on the supporters club and the member named on the ticket.

If the demand for tickets is greater than the availability of the same, they will be allocated according to the objective criteria established by the permanent commission on tickets and the agreed coefficients. Each Federation will be assigned a certain number of tickets. From here, the presidents of each territorial Federation will put forward a proposal for the distribution of these tickets in the zone.


The ticket collection process for away games in the Champions League, Liga Santander and the Copa del Rey (apart from finals) will be subject to the following conditions:

  • Each ticket must be assigned by the supporters club to one of its members previously registered at the supporters club census.
  • Tickets are personal and non-transferable, and must be collected by the bearer of the same on due identification with national ID or passport.  Authorisations for other persons to collect tickets on behalf of the member or supporters club shall not be accepted. If the tickets are for underage, the minor must have to be previously registered at the supporters club census, collect them with their legal guardian identificated with national ID or family book.
  • Tickets will not be released to anyone other than the person named on the same by the supporters club.
  • Tickets must be collected in the town or city where the match is being played. As soon as the Club has this information, it will be posted on the “Club Documentation” section of the online procedures website and supporters clubs with confirmed tickets shall be notified at the email address sent from the supporters club procedures management site.
  • For away matches the Club considers a wristband also to be necessary, these shall be fitted by a member of FC Barcelona staff as an indispensable condition accepted by the ticket bearer.