The online procedures website is a management tool that supporters' clubs members can use to carry out a wide range of tasks with speed and efficiency. The objective is to speed up and automate administrative tasks and make these procedures more agile.

In order to access the procedures website, you’ll need to enter the key and PIN number of your supporters' club. Once registered, you can manage all the addresses of your club (both the physical address of your headquarters as well as the ones to which magazines and Penyista Cards should be sent). You can also make reservations for football tickets to away games or finals, and access direct links to buy tickets for games at Camp Nou.

Additionally, this website enables you to keep your board of directors updated and your members census, so you always have its most recent information, as well as allowing access to the information required to carry out compulsory procedures, such as declaring the fiscal information of your club.

If you wish, you can also provide us with information about your supporters' club profile for social networks, or website if you have one, and even more functions will be added to the website in the future. Make the most of being a supporters' club member and enjoy this convenient tool, designed uniquely and exclusively for you!