Supporters' clubs play an essential role in fostering and promoting the spirit of FC Barcelona. In recent years, many new Barça supporters' clubs have emerged on different continents throughout the world, all with a common denominator: their passion for Barça. With such a great number of supporters' clubs in existence, it is essential that the relationship between the Club and these entities remain as close and efficient as possible. For this reason, the regulations have been updated in order to adapt to these modern times and the ever-increasing number of entities: 

Here you can download the current supporters' club regulations:


Official supporters’ clubs members for three years in a row and who have held the Penyista Card may also apply for FC Barcelona membership. 

In order to do this, the president of each penya should request it from FC Barcelona through a form available here.

Once the information has been received, the club will make the relevant checks to give a response as soon as possible. If the response is affirmative, you will receive an email with instructions for the following steps.


The Commitment Card for supporters' clubs presidents is designed as an alternative way to help supporters' clubs to comply with current regulations without having to become members of FC Barcelona.

After holding the card for three years, the bearer can apply for full membership with the Club.

The card was designed as a response to the great many fans and supporters who wish to become members of the Club but do not meet the requirements to do so.

How to apply?

Another  procedure was also put in place to enable the president of the supporters club to obtain the Commitment Card by applying to the president of his or her Federation.

Here you can find the procedure for obtaining a Commitment Card via your Federation.

However, the traditional procedure of obtaining and ratifying the Commitment Card in person at the FCB Supporters' Services Office still remains valid for supporters' club presidents.

See the traditional procedure for obtaining a Commitment Card.