The Barça feeling is growing stronger by the day and there are already 170,000 supporters' clubs members. Over recent years, a great many FC Barcelona supporters' clubs have emerged on the different continents, all with one thing in common: a passion for Barça. The supporters' clubs have always been around, and continue to be essential for a Club with so many years of history and so many successes to speak of.

We represent the inspiration, heart and soul of the Club thanks to our spirit, consistency, passion and support, especially at difficult times. We’re more than a Club, and this has been proven with the success of the FC Barcelona supporters' clubs movement around the world, even when we’re far from Barcelona and Camp Nou.


If you’re one of us we’re sure you’d love to share your experiences. Now you have the chance to meet other supporters and represent our colours around the world. You can download the document hereunder with the different steps you’ll need to follow if you wish to create a FC Barcelona supporters' club.

For any question send an email to with the subject “Create a supporters' club”. Get inspired and create your own supporters' club!