The Conferences of Barça's history go through the history of the Football Club Barcelona. The presentation treats the convulsed and exciting origins, with tens of anecdotes and situations that have defined the path of our Club in the decurs of all these years, in a historical context.

It is an opportunity to know the roots, the identity and the influence that the Club has had on the society in its different stages and the relation of the Club with Catalonia and the catalanism

A multidisciplinary group of lecturers formed by members FC Barcelona Management Board, journalists, historians, writers and personalities linked to the Club, will answer to questions as:

  • In which sociopolitical situation the city of Barcelona was at the moment of the foundation of our Club?
  • Whence it comes the lemma «Més que un club»?
  • Which relationship has Barça with the catalanism? When this relationship began? Why?
  • Why it has so many sportive sections FC Barcelona? Whence this character comes?
  • Has had the feminism any paper on the origins of Barça?

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