Sister Lucia Caram, Patron of the Barça Foundation, is a nun and social activist who combines prayer, study and community life with charity work aimed at the most vulnerable people. 

As one of the activities organised by the World Confederation of Supporters Clubs, Sister Lucia Caram offers a talk in which she presents the #invulnerables project, one of the causes she promotes. The program aims to fight child poverty, guarantee equal opportunities for all children, break the cycle of poverty and encourage public and private collaborations. What sets this project apart from others is its innovative network of territorial agents, both public and private.

These talks aim to raise awareness about the existence of child poverty in our territory, and are aimed at the members, children and families of the supporters clubs interested. The World Confederation of Supporters Clubs contributes to the event by providing a selection of corporate materials, and coordinating the agendas of the interested clubs.

This project is geared towards families selected by social services or third sector entities, with children between 0 and 18 years old, in the process of public or private social attention.

The FC Barcelona Foundation, the Generalitat de Catalunya, the La Caixa Social Foundation and the Fundación del Convento de Santa Clara are the main collaborators in the alliance.

The talk awareness about child poverty in our region and the need to assume each social actor responsibility. It can be geared towards children, families and anyone associated with any supporters' club.


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