Masters Finals of the Penyes Padel Tour

3 August at 9:30 am

One of the great new features at the 40th World Congress of Supporters’ Clubs is the Masters Finals of the Penyes Padel Tour, rounding off this activity, which was launched this year by the Supporters’ Clubs World Confederation. 

It will take place on Saturday 3 August from 9:30 am onwards at the Club Esportiu Laietà.

These Masters Finals will gather all finalist pairs from the five tournament editions hosted in recent months, four of which took place in Catalonia and one in Andalusia.

The competition will be divided into men’s and women’s categories and matches will be organised in a knockout format, continuing until the winners of this first edition of the Masters Finals of the Penyes Padel Tour are crowned.

Participation in this event is reserved for the finalists of the Penyes Padel Tour’s tournaments such that registration is not open to other supporters’ club members. However, you are of course all invited to experience the excitement of padel tennis in the heartland of FC Barcelona and its supporters’ clubs.

Furthermore, if you had taken part into one of the tournaments, you have the chance to win a great prize.

Get ready for first serve!