Vueling to allow free changes to all reservations for supporters

NEWS 16 Nov 2020 - Supporters' Clubs World Confederation

The new option from the sponsor of the Supporters’ Clubs World Confederation is available on all new reservations, and is compatible with the existing promotion aimed at the movement during Autumn

Airline company Vueling, official sponsor of the Supporters’ Clubs World Confederation, has implemented new flexible measures that allow FC Barcelona supporters to travel safely -and with full guarantees within the current context of the global pandemic caused by Covid-19. This new option is fully compatible with Vueling's special promotion aimed at the entire Barça Penyes movement during the autumn season, in which supporters receive a 10€ discount on any trip to any of the available destinations, except on flights on certain designated dates (blackouts).

From now until December 15th, the company will be allowing all customers to modify their reservations and change the date/destination or transfer the flight to a third person of their choice, without the need to present written proof of justification. In return, the customer will automatically receive a flight credit for 100% of the amount paid, which can be redeemed at any time during the next 18 months. This new function facilitates decision-making up to 48 hours before the flight, in all new reservations made through the airline's website. In the event that the cost of the new flight is lower than the original reservation, the customer will have the remaining amount available to use on future reservations.