The Romons World Tour, from penya to penya

Author: Anthony Romon

REPORTS 10 Feb 2020 - Supporters' Clubs World Confederation

A family of French supporters is travelling the planet to visit supporters’ clubs in all five continents

Last August 2, Anthony Romon, president of the Penya “Blaugranor” du Nord de la France, a member of the World Federation board and an FC Barcelona member too, embarked on a round-the-world journey with his whole family. Culés through and through, Anthony, his wife Marianne and their three children not only want to visit some of the most iconic places on the planet, but also want to meet Barça supporters’ clubs in all five continents.

Their first stop was the World Congress of Supporters’ Clubs in Barcelona, and from there they have gone on to Russia, Mongolia, China, Japan, Canada, the United States, Mexico, Cuba, Peru and Chile, which is where they are now. The Romon have received warm welcomes from 20 supporters’ clubs, including PB Osos Rusos in Moscow, Penya Ànima Blaugrana de Shanghái, PB Toronto, PB de La Habana, PB Montréal, PB Miami and PB Lima. In every case, they have witnessed first-hand just what the ‘penya’ movement does to bring people together, and how Barça fans can be made to feel at home anywhere in the world no matter how wide the cultural differences.

Until July, the Romon have trips to look forward to in Buenos Aires, Los Angeles, Sydney, Singapore and Nairobi, where new supporters’ clubs await their visit. A clear demonstration of the strength of a movement that is ever-expanding around the globe. Details of all the stops on their trip can be found in their blog The Romons World Tour.