Subscribe to Barça TV+, the new FC Barcelona streaming platform

NEWS 11 Jun 2020 - Supporters' Clubs World Confederation

Penyistes will enjoy a 50% discount to access Barça’s new digital television channel with exclusive content

FC Barcelona have launched their new streaming platform Barça TV+, a unique product through which users will find over 1,000 hours of content and over 3,000 videos -also available on demand. The digital platform for Barça’s audio-visual content is available for all devices in Catalan, Spanish and English, worldwide through the Club website and app. The OTT service has a subscription format, will have gifts for members and penyes will receive a promotional code with a 50% discount on their annual subscription.

50% off annual subscription for penyistes

Barça TV+ is available either for free by registering or for a monthly subscription. In the first instance, fans will have access to a limited amount of content on the platform. In the second, they will be able to enjoy unlimited access to all content available.

The new CULERS Premium Membership programme is available through an annual subscription and gives access to all of Barça’s digital services and products, including unlimited OTT content and a series of benefits. All prices listed are particular to the country of residence of the user, and vary according to where they access the platform. Members can subscribe for free through the website and supporters’ will enjoy a 50% discount.

To activate your subscription, each penya will have a promotional code uploaded to the documental registry on the online site, which can be used exclusively by their members until 30 September 2020. Penyistes will have to register individually on the platform, following all of the same steps as any other user, only applying their discount code:

  • Enter the website

  • Sign up to the website giving your personal data, such as email address, name, surname, date and place of birth, etc.

  • Select the “Barça TV+ annual fee with Culers Premium Membership” option

  • Activate the option “I have a discount code”

  • Apply the exclusive discount code to the field which will open automatically

  • Introduce your credit card details

  • The product will be charged at 50% of the price for the general public in the country in which you connect

CULERS Membership Premium programme

The CULERS Membership Premium programme is a new offer in the ecosystem of digital products and services implemented by the Club. Its objective is to strengthen the feeling of belonging amongst members, penyistes and fans, and offer access to the entire Barça digital ecosystem. All who sign up to the programme will, besides having access to all Barça TV+ content, enjoy a series of advantages and benefits on offers available throughout the season, such as discounts on the online store or Barça Store at the Camp Nou, ticket discounts, access to exclusive promotions from club partners and entertainment offers, among others.