6,300 supporters heading to Seville for the Copa del Rey Final

NOTÍCIES 23 May 2019 - Supporters' Clubs World Confederation

Andalusian Federation leads the way at the Benito Villamarín with 950 members

What better than a quick trip to Seville for the 2019 Copa del Rey Final? That’s what 6,300 supporters are thinking as they make their way by land or air via airplane, train, car or coach to follow our team at the Benito Villamarín.

The club with the largest number of travelling supporters is Peña Barcelonista de Pedroche, from Andalusia, which is filling 68 seats in the stadium. There’s a tie in second place, with 36 each travelling with the PB Palamós i Comarca from Catalonia and the PB Estadio of Extremadura. After them come PB Els Tamarells and PB Mollet, both with 31.


Andalusia in big numbers

Because its members are based so much closer to the host city, it’s no surprise to see the Andalusia, Ceuta and Melilla Federation leading the way in terms of overall numbers, with 950 people making the relatively short hop to Seville to cheer on the team. Following the aforementioned PB Pedroche, the PB El Sextete de Jerez, the PB de Lepe Segundo Triplete and the PB “El Triplete” de Baza have the biggest turnouts. 


From all around the world

However, all of the different Catalan Federations combined still top the list by far, with 2,200 members heading south. Baix Empordà is particularly prominent with the PB of Palamós, Bisbal and Torroella de Montgrí sending 211 people between them.

Extremadura, being close to Seville, is sending 440 fans, especially from PB Castra Vinaria, la Gran Peña Badajoz FC Barcelona and PB Chema Corbella Aldehuela del Jerte.

The World Federation is mobilising 200 international fans, the most affluent being Penya Fanatiek FC Barcelona of Belgium, the Penya Virtual Blaugrana, the PB Rabat Atlàntic of Morocco and, as ever on these occasions, the Fan Club Barça Polska of Poland.


Fan Zone: blaugrana entertainment for everybody

Barça fans in Seville all enjoy free entry to the Estrella Damm Fan Zone, where there will be all kinds of activities and shows up to 6.30pm, including live music from Gemeliers, Ana Mena, Arnau Griso and various DJ sessions. A number of stars from sport and showbiz will be giving interviews, including several Barça Legends, including the coach of the veterans team, Chapi Ferrer, who will be on hand to sign autographs.

To liven up the build-up, supporters’ clubs members can join in with all kinds of fun games and activities: seeing who has got the best shot, appearing in specially positioned photocalls, writing graffiti or playing street football. The Fan Zone will also have a food and beverages service offering a wide variety of cuisine.