Ticket applications open for Copa del Rey Final 2019

NEWS 27 Mar 2019 - CMP

Supporters’ Clubs may request tickets until April 8

Supporters’ Clubs tickets for the Benito Villamarín Stadium to attend the Copa del Rey Final 2019 against Valencia on May 25 are now available. Penyes may order their tickets until April 8 via the online procedures site for penyes. Once the deadline has expired, the prices of the tickets will be announced along with the number allocated to each supporters’ club.

If there is a greater demand for tickets than the allocation for the penyes movement, and as on other occasions, the coefficients as approved by the Penyes Council shall be applied. These coefficients, which consider the number of supporters’ clubs and their members, calculate how many tickets will be allocated to each Territorial Federation. It is up to the Federation itself to decide how many tickets it will allocate to each individual supporters’ club, in accordance with the criteria established beforehand at its assembly. Finally, the ticket holders will be validated, followed by payment and definitive confirmation of the tickets.

In order to make it easier to attend and in solidarity with all members of the movement, we shall again be applying an economic criterion that begins, from the lowest to highest amount, with those penyes that have to make the longest journey and therefore have higher associated costs (hotel, tickets, food, etc.) until each quotas run out.

FC Barcelona will be deemed the home team and its fans will be located at the south end of the stadium.