A hectic season full of events, marked by Covid-19

Supporters’ Clubs World Confederation

NEWS 31 Jul 2020 - Supporters’ Clubs World Confederation

More than 1,000 events were organised, of which 240 took place during the lockdown and with a charitable emphasis

The 2019-20 season will be remembered for the Covid-19 outbreak, which disrupted plans around the world from mid-March. For the supporters’ clubs movement, it meant the cancellation or postponement of many events, but until then the calendar had been filled with acts of all kinds, as well as activities organised by the Supporters’ Clubs World Confederation. Once lockdown began, the supporters’ clubs adapted to the situation and remained active. Thanks to this, over 1,000 events were held, and before the cancelation they were on course to undertake more than the 1,300 held last season.

Meetings, commemorations and other events of a solidarity, cultural, recreational and sports activity filled the calendar for federations and supporters’ clubs. Many featured the presence of members of the FC Barcelona board of directors. In addition, the historical ‘Barça i Catalunya’ conferences, with a book presentation included, and talks on the ‘Invulnerables’ project by Sister Lucia Caram toured many parts of Spain. Talks with former players and “Show Trident” debates also took place.

Commitment in the face of Covid-19

When the Covid-19 arrived and the population of Spain were put under lockdown confined, the supporters’ clubs movement did not stand idly by. Around 240 actions and initiatives were made to alleviate the effects caused by the virus, with a special focus on those who were suffering it closest to home. The Confederation promoted a collaboration with two important entities: Banc dels Aliments food bank and the Banc de Sang blood bank, obtaining a great response from federations and supporters’ clubs. In addition, health centres, charities, nursing homes and local administrations received aid - financial and material - from the entire movement.

Many supporters’ clubs moved the bulk of their activity online, with the organisation of virtual meetings and videoconferences. Social networks were an important focus of activity, with challenges and activities to make lockdown more bearable. The supporters’ clubs movement ended a season that was atypical, but one that demonstrated its ability to adapt and its enormous social involvement.

Adapting activities

Among the activities organized by the Confederation, the Junts+ project was a standout. With the support of federations and supporters’ clubs, it adapted online in order to continue connecting young athletes with professionals from the club. The relationship with the Agrupació de Futbol de Clubs i Penyes de FC Barcelona was also kept alive, both institutionally and in terms of sports, with training sessions (two of them online) and the participation in tournaments. The Penyes Futbol Games eSports tournament and the Penyes Pàdel Tour circuit, which had started their respective editions strongly, were forced to stop their activity.