Elections to Supporters’ Clubs Federations begin

NEWS 02 Jul 2021 - Supporters’ Clubs World Confederation

The new boards will be elected by the beginning of August, after the first election process to allow electronic voting

The electoral race to the 30 FC Barcelona supporters’ clubs territorial federations has begun. Complying with the current regulations -which state that elections must take place every four years-, each organization is holding its assembly so as to kick off the electoral path which will extend to a maximum of a 45-day period. Each federation is responsible for its own process, albeit counting with the support and assessment of both the Supporters’ Clubs World Confederation and FC Barcelona.

According to the elections schedule, the 12th of July is the deadline to submit a candidacy. In case one is interested, they can send an e-mail to the Supporters’ Clubs World Confederation ( so as to request all the documents related to this process.

However, there are some requirements to meet in order to submit a candidacy, as detailed below:

  1. A closed list must be submitted, specifying names and positions in case they are elected. There must be at least one president, one or two vicepresidents, one secretary, a treasurer and boardmembers if considered appropriate.

  2. A candidacy must have the formal support of a minimum of a 20% of the penyes within the federation.

Once it is verified a candidacy meets all requirements specified in the electoral process, along with having the formal supports needed, then this is appointed as eligible candidacy. If there is one candidacy, no voting date will be needed, and therefore it will be appointed as board of the federation during an assembly called to that effect.

The Electoral Commission

The electoral commission is the body in charge with overseeing the implementation of electioneering process in the supporters’ clubs federations, and also dealing with any doubts or claims that may arise. This commission is formed by 4 people, two of them being appointed by the board of the Supporters’ Clubs Confederation, whereas the other two by the board of FC Barcelona. Each federation must pass its formation in the assembly.

Electronic voting for first time

This system upgrades and updates a vital process for the democratic exercise within the movement, and is thought to enhance penyes turnout, especially in those federations with large geographical extension. Once this election process is finished, the new representatives will be elected and therefore the members of Council of the FC Barcelona Supporters’ Clubs World Confederation will be chosen.