Supporters’ clubs united in battle against Covid-19

Photo: PB Almogàvers Garrotxins

NEWS 07 Apr 2020 - Supporters' Clubs World Confederation

Penyes have made and donated face masks, as well as creating their own solidarity campaigns

The supporters’ clubs movement have come together voluntarily to help their people, healthcare institutions and everybody who is fighting to beat Covid-19. Using initiatives of all kinds, the Supporters’ Clubs World Confederation, regional Federations as well as Penyes and Penyistes as individuals are working tirelessly to give what they can to help in the global pandemic and humanitarian crisis.  

Protective equipment

For the provision of healthcare materials, PB Almogàvers Garrotxins have provided funds for the purchase of 11,000 face masks for medical workers in Olot. PB Garriguella have acquired 6,000 masks that have been shared between institutions in their area. PB Dracs Units Xinesos pel Barça have provided 9,000 for institutions and hospitals in Barcelona, and the Federació del Barcelonès Est have shared out 600 in the city. Furthermore, PB Beniajan Ivan de la Peña have produced their own face masks by hand, which have been donated to healthcare services in Murcia.

The elderly in residential homes are in a critical situation, and for this reason PB Ferreries have purchased an articulated bed for the geriatric facility in their area. PB Tossa de Mar have donated two such beds to the Oncolliga, plus two electric wheelchairs. PB Nova Lloreda have donated protective material to the Clínica del Carme in Badalona, and PB Hoya del Campo have donated 100 bottles of disinfecting fluid.  

Charity campaigns by the penyes

The entities have also put together their own campaigns. The Federació del Barcelonès Est have launced the “Penyista no estàs sol” initiative, in which each supporters’ club makes a telephone call to its most vulnerable members to check up on them. Internationally, the 34 penyes in New York have created “Kick Coronavirus” to raise funds, enabling hospitals in the city to treat of coronavirus those without resources or health insurance.  

Institutions: Red Cross and Banc dels Aliments

Penyes are collaborating with entities close to their hearts. For example, the Federació de l’Empordà i Catalunya Nord have donated 6,000€, which will be divided amongst hospitals in Palamós, Figueres and Perpignon. PB Palamós have donated 1,500€ to their local hospital too.

Following in the footsteps of the Confederation and FC Barcelona, boosting collaboration with the Red Cross, PB Tarazona have donated 300€, the Federació de Castelló 1,000€ and PB Jumilla 500€. Contributions have also been made to the Banc dels Aliments food banks: 500€ from the Federació d’Anoia, el Penedès i Garraf; 4,000€ from the Federació del Gironès, la Selva, la Garrotxa i el Pla de l’Estany; 1,500€ from the Agrupació de Penyes and 1,000€ from the Federació del Bages, Berguedà i La Cerdanya. The Federació del Barcelonès Est have collaborated with the donation of 800€ to the Plataforma d'Aliments project by the Fundació del Convent de Santa Clara de Manresa de Sor Lucia Caram, and the Federació de Múrcia have donated 1,000€ to the Fundació Jesús Abandonado for the adquisition of essential foodstuffs.