Penyes distribute basic foods before Ramadan

PB Atlantic Rabat

NEWS 09 Apr 2021 - Supporters' Clubs World Confederation

PB Rabat and PB Beirut have worked to help families in need in their respective regions

Ramadan begins on Tuesday 13 April, which means four weeks of fasting throughout the day for the vast majority of the Muslim population. It is also a time when people who have difficulties accessing food are at an even greater risk of suffering from nutrition issues. Given this situation, each year several penyes in the World Penyes Federation run charity actions aimed at getting food supplies to the least privileged sectors.

One such programme is the one now into its third year running at the Penya Blaugrana Atlantic Rabat, which travelled to the Atlas foothills to visit a small rural community and deliver food packages to the neediest families. The penya is helping 80 families with limited resources in the settlement. This is the second charity project to be organised from the PB Atlantic Rabat in 2021 following the fourth edition of "Sonrisa Blaugrana", with which they have helped an 11-year-old child who needed knee prosthesis.

Meanwhile, the Penya Barcelonista de Beirut has also been doing its bit to help people in need at Ramadan, by collecting food donations to send packages to poor families in the Lebanese capital. This is the fifth year that the PB Beirut has done this, although Covid-19 security measures mean they have had to change the way it works. In the past, the Penya organised community dinners using the donations.