Penyes open headquarters to collect signatures for FC Barcelona elections

NEWS 28 Dec 2020 - Supporters’ Clubs World Confederation

190 stations have voting slips for all pre-candidates available for Barça members to ensure they are able to vote from near to their homes

The Supporters’ Clubs World Confederation, through its Federations and Supporters’ Clubs around the world, is helping to ensure that Barça members are able to play an active role in the FC Barcelona elections without needing to leave their regions. Mobility restrictions due to the pandemic mean that the different parties have reached an agreement to set up a series of permanent polling stations.

The Confederation has sent support slips to all penyes; and the federations have designated official signature collection points in each of their areas of influence. In total, there are 190 supporters’ clubs as official collection points between Catalonia and Spain. These points can be used by any FC Barcelona member to fill in their slips, even if they do not belong to that or any other penya.

You can find the official points available on the following links:

All these location will be open on December 28, 29 and 30 and January 2, 4 and 7. On Friday 8 January, the collected signatures will be sent to each of the pre-candidates which have facilitated their voting slips. These and the Federations will be coordinating actions to ensure that this procedure is conducted in respect of geographical diversity and the best method to ensure that the signatures arrive in good time and form at each of the polling stations.

The communication between the penyes movement and the pre-candidates has been constant and smooth since the start of the electoral procedure. The Confederation was made available and online meetings have been held with almost all of them. The Federations also enabled such meetings between their penyes and the leaders of the pre-candidacies, so they could present their manifestos for the future governance of the Club.