Penyes in Andalusia and Extremadura resigned to watching the Copa final from home

Thousands of supporters helped to fill the Benito Villamarín at the 2019 Copa final. / Santiago Garcés

NEWS 16 Apr 2021 - Supporters' Clubs World Confederation

Despite the proximity, they are unable to travel to Seville to cheer on the team like they did in 2019, where thousands of supporters represented the two federations

For supporters’ clubs and federations outside of Catalonia, road trips by the football and other teams to their regions are always special occasions. They are the perfect chance for them to see the players up close and to cheer on the team in places where Barça fans tend to be in the minority. And when there’s a trophy to play for, the excitement and numbers are always greater than ever.

Tomorrow’s Copa del Rey at La Cartuja stadium in Seville would have been one such occasion. However the absence of fans in stadiums due to Covid-19 means that will not be happening. Particularly badly hit are fans in Andalusia and Extremadura, who will watching a game on TV that is being played just up the road from them. “Our members would be flooding the streets of Seville with the blaugrana colours right now, but lockdown in the region means we can’t even go to welcome the team or show our support in the build-up”, says the Federation of Andalusia, Ceuta and Melilla. “We’d have all the coaches ready for what would have been a very special day”, say their peers from Extremadura.

Frustrated finals

And this is not the first time these Penyes have suffered this way. This season, Andalusian stadiums have been the venues for a number of big games for the different Barça teams, finals included.

Indeed, La Cartuja also hosted the Spanish Super Cup, while the semi-final was played in Cordoba. A month later, the women’s team was in Malaga to win the Copa de la Reina 2020 final, the same city where the futsal team won its fifth Spanish Cup just a few weeks after. Not forgetting last July’s promotion playoffs in which Barça B narrowly missed out on their goal in Algeciras and Marbella.

“We would have gone to all those games to cheer on the team”, say the local supporters’ clubs. “We’ll make up for these losses as soon as we can.”

Mass support in 2019

Barça’s supporters in Andalusia and Extremadura are well known for coming out in numbers. When the Copa del Rey Final was played in Seville in 2019, they were the majority of the 9,000 Barça ‘penyistes’ that were at the Benito Villamarín. 220 of the 250 supporters’ clubs in the two regions were represented. That’s how passionate they are about their team!