Pedri: A diehard ‘culé’ supporter

Paco Largo

NEWS 13 Sep 2019 - Supporters' Clubs World Confederation

The president of the Peña Barcelonista de Tenerife, Fernando González, is the father of the new Barça B signing

The latest signing for Barça B star, Pedro González -better known as Pedri- has roots in the FC Barcelona supporters’ clubs movement. Aged just 16 and with a promising future ahead of him, Pedri -who will remain at UD Las Palmas this season- comes from a family of supporters’ club members who run a Tasca, a typical Canary Island food bar. He will move to FC Barcelona from July 1, 2020.


Pedri’s origins as a supporter

Pedri's grandfather, Fernando González, was the founder of the Peña Barcelonista de Tenerife, based in Tegueste. He did so in March 1994, and a year later it became official with an inauguration overseen by Vice President Nicolau Casaus. His son, also called Fernando González, took over the running of the supporters’ club. Through his father and grandfather, Pedri has always had close ties to the club. Fernando González Jr remembers that "we always watch every game at the headquarters because we are big football fans -but only follow Barça.”

José Yamal Hawach, president of the Peñas Barcelonistas Federation in the Canary Islands, says that "time will tell how everything turns out, but for FC Barcelona to be the club that have signed him, after the interest of many other top international teams is a dream for everyone. Even though difficult thing is not getting there, but staying there, we fully believe in him; He is mature, responsible and has always been a very good player.”

The Tenerife supporters’ club president remembers that 10 years ago, when FC Barcelona won the Treble, the Confederation sent a replica of the cups to the ‘penya’. Fernando, as president, took them home during a day: “My son couldn’t contain his emotion and had to sleep hugging the trophies. It is impossible to feel a bigger 'cule' emotion,” he explains.


25 years of the supporters’ club

As the president of the Federation says, the Tenerife supporters’ club "is very active and organises many events during the year," including closing each season with a meal where they cook meat in an underground oven.

In addition, they also travel to the mainland to visit Barcelona and watch Barça matches in person. The last such occasion was at the beginning of August for the 40th World Congress of Supporters’ Clubs, where they also received recognition during the gala meal for their 25 years of history.