PB Trinitat Vella: cohesion, solidarity and blaugrana dreams

REPORTS 24 Jan 2020 - Supporters' Clubs World Confederation

The supporters’ club, born in Barcelona on the year of the Olympics, saw one of their members debut in the ranks of the first team on the 2006-2007 season

Barcelona had a special atmosphere in 1992. Excitement, emotion and pride filled the residents of a city preparing to host during the summer the World Olympic Games. That atmosphere of sporting festivity was the birthplace of Penya Barcelonista Trinitat Vella, a supporters’ club that made its first steps in May of the same year. A group of neighbours, friends and colleagues, united by blaugrana passion and inspired by the surrounding euphoria, decided to take the plunge and to set up the supporters’ club, which today has 220 members.

Three decades of blaugrana values in the neighbourhood

Throughout its almost 30 years of life, the supporters’ club has skilfully combined sensitivity and sport: “Through football, and driven by the blaugrana colours, we carry out extremely necessary social work in our neighbourhood,” confirms Alfredo López, current president of PB Trinitat Vella and one of its founders.

Since its beginnings, the organisation has been growing with the enthusiasm for using sport as a vehicle for the integration of the neighbourhood’s boys and girls, and it has made the Barça brand its own. Today, the supporters’ club has managed to put together a total of six football teams made up of 80 players: two in the U10s category, three in the U12 category and a football school for children aged 4 and 5. “We’re trying to unite and integrate all young people using sport, no matter where they come from or what their family situation is,” states the President of the supporters’ club.

With the aim of ensuring that every child has a chance to play on the pitch, PB Trinitat Vella awards grants to young people from families at risk of social exclusion, with help from the council, the Pere Manel Foundation and FC Barcelona itself. Thanks to this supporters’ club, the neighbourhood has adopted the values of sport, friendship, solidarity and fun throughout the whole year. In addition, the “Fantastic Summer” programme opens its doors during the summertime and provides grants to several children who get to enjoy a summer full of blaugrana spirit. This year was the eleventh edition of the campus.

United by one passion

 This supporters’ club, unyielding to the passing of time, has accumulated hundreds of activities, meetings, trips and memories. Among these events, there is one event that took place in 1997 that will remain in the hearts and minds of the supporters forever. At the end of June, PB Trinitat Vella members travelled to Madrid in two coaches full of nerves and the sounds of blaugrana songs. Their destination was Santiago Bernabéu Stadium and their objective was to cheer on their team to win the Copa del Rey match against Betis: “We won the Copa del Rey and we heard the Barça anthem played in the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium up to three different times,” remembers an emotional Alfredo.

Barça have enjoyed the support of these loyal fans at countless matches, whether at Camp Nou, abroad or at their supporters’ club headquarters. However, there is one match in particular that animated the neighbourhood in a very special way: the début of one of their members, Jesús Olmo Lozano, in the FC Barcelona first team on the 2006-2007 season. Olmo joined FC Barcelona in the nineties and he played in all categories until Frank Rijkaard gave him his début. A blaugrana dream come true.