PB Pedrito, a supporters’ club named after a legend

REPORTS 23 Apr 2019 - CMP

Passion and blaugrana values incited a group of 'culé' fans to create the first supporters' club in the capital of the Canary Islands and pay homage to footballer Pedro Rodríguez

From the Canary Islands, Antonio Pascual González has always felt a passion for the blaugrana colours. It was precisely this sentiment that incited him to create the first Barça supporters' club in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, with the aim of spreading the blaugrana fervour throughout the Canary Isles.

The local followers decided that the supporters' club couldn’t exist without paying homage to their fellow countryman, Pedro Rodríguez Ledesma, who was then a FC Barcelona player, and now a Club legend. What they did not realise, though, was that they’d need to seek the player’s consent in order to be able to name the entity after him, a challenge resulting in an exhaustive telephone search to find the family of the culé.


Cultivating a dream

“It wasn’t easy to locate the family,” explains Pascual, who still presides over the supporters' club entity. “We didn’t know them or any of their contacts. However, we found out through the press that the player’s father worked in a petrol station in the south of Tenerife.” With this lone clue and the unquestionable willpower of the committed fans, the culés set about making an exhaustive round of telephone calls to all the service stations in the area, and several days later they struck gold.

“We told them about our project, and they very kindly said that Pedro would get in touch with us, and he did: shortly afterwards, the player informed us that he’d like to make it happen,” recalls Pascual happily. And this was precisely what made their dream become a reality: the Penya Barcelonista Pedrito was born in November 2010, when Pascual and the rest of the members travelled to Barcelona in order to officialise the entity.


Growing in Canarian territory

According to Antonio Pascual, blaugrana passion outside the Catalan territory is, “a feeling that’s hard to explain, and which goes further beyond the blaugrana colours: the Club’s values prove its commitment to society, and this is something we identify with.” The supporters' club also meets regularly at its headquarters to share the emotion every FC Barcelona game rouses in them –especially when they play against their eternal rival. It also organises excursions, trips and working days.

For all these reasons, the PB Pedrito is now consolidated as an active club that has painted the capital of Tenerife blaugrana for almost a decade, and now boasts 132 members.