More than 550 ‘penyistes’ travel to support Barça in Milan

Photo: Victor Salgado

NEWS 09 Dec 2019 - Supporters' Clubs World Confederation

The World Federation heads the travelling party, in which the Supporters’ Clubs World Confederation president Antoni Guil will be present

The FC Barcelona supporters’ clubs movement is always ready to support Barça, wherever the club go. For the final game of the Champions League group stage, a trip to Milan is planned. More than 550 supporters from all corners of the world are heading to the Italian city to cheer Barça on against Internazionale. As expected, the World Federation heads the travelling party of over 440 international supporters on the journey to northern Italy.


More than 440 international ‘penyistes’

As is customary, the groups who travel with the most members are the two Polish outfits. In total, 220 of their members will be at the Giuseppe Meazza. In the first position, the Penya Blaugrana de Poznan has 115 members travelling, with Fan Club Barça Polska providing 105 in the second. They are followed by the Italian and Swiss supporters’ clubs, who together will bring 100 members to the stadium. The largest presence of these groups will be the Penya Blaugrana di Roma with 30, followed by FC Barcelona Penya Ticino with 20, Penya Barcelonista de Genova with 16, Penya Lombarda FC Barcelona with 15 and Penya Barcelonista de Turin with 10.

A total of 112 Blaugrana fans will make the trip from Catalonia and Spain as a whole, including PB Girona, PB Frente Lugones, PB Saldes and PB Santomera. Those covering the most ground hail from Rússia and Azerbaidjan: Two members from the Penya Blaugrana Osos Rusos and from the Penya Barcelonista Baku, plus one from the Penya Blaugrana de Sant Petersburg.


Genoa shows solidarity

Passion for Barça is a global phenomenon. The Club and its supporters try to transmit values and practices that reproduce the Barça style both on and off the pitch. The motto Més que un Club is the driving force in many of the actions undertaken by ‘penyes’. Taking advantage of the high number of fans travelling this week, PB Genova have organised a visit to the Paediatric Hospital Giannina Gaslini tomorrow morning. The president of the Supporters’ Clubs World Confederation, Antoni Guil, will attend alongside the president of PB Genova, Massimo Lippi, and PB Roma president Massimiliano Morgante.


Penyistes join forces

The Penya Lombarda FC Barcelona have organised an official dinner in the heart of the city this evening, to enjoy some Italian cuisine. Besides the Confederation president, some 50+ ‘penyistes’ are expected to attend, including PB Lombarda president, Pietro Giacomo, and Catalan Government delegate to Italy, Luca Bellizzi.

On matchday, a meeting between supporters and fans has been scheduled for 3pm at The Football Pub.