Penya Barcelonista Gabriel López Solá de Saint Juery celebrates 10th anniversary

NEWS 02 May 2019 - Supporters' Clubs World Confederation

Celebrations attended by the president of the Supporters’ Clubs World Confederation, Antoni Guil

The Penya Barcelonista “Gabriel López Solá” in the French town of Saint Juery has celebrated its 10th anniversary, attended by some 150 people from the supporters’ movement, together with the president of the Supporters’ Clubs World Confederation, Antoni Guil and the president of the host club, Jean Saiz. Political and media figures from the region were also invited, including the mayor of Saint Juery, Jean Paul Raynaud; the Sports Councilor, Julien le Roc; or the Councilor for Women’s Sports, Carole Crutino.

The celebration of the club's first decade consisted of a visit to an exhibition of FC Barcelona materials that the club has gathered over the years, an aperitif for all guests, the screening of a video about the history of these French Barça fans and a commemorative dinner. The video included pictures of their annual involvement in the Téléthon televised charity event that raises funds for various social causes, and for which the club always collects large amounts of money through its different actions and activities.

Former Barça star Andrés Iniesta is a patron of the supporters’ club, with which he has a special bond, and he sent a special video from Japan to congratulate everyone on this tenth anniversary. Indeed, the current president of the club's aunt and uncle were from the same town of Fuentealbilla in Albacete and always had a close relationship with the Iniesta family. Jean Saiz's aunt was called Gabriel López Solá, which is where the club got its name from, and López Solá himself was for years the delegate of the FC Barcelona U18 team, including in 1996 when the legendary number 8 arrived at Barça.