Twelve new penyes join the Confederation

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NEWS 18 Dec 2019 - World Confederation of Supporters' Clubs

The movement continues its international expansion with four new African penyes and three in North America

The FC Barcelona Board of Directors has officially approved twelve new penyes as the movement continues to gather strength, especially internationally. With these new additions, FC Barcelona now has a total of 1,263 official supporters clubs, 444 of which are in Catalonia, 676 elsewhere in Spain and 143 in the rest of the world. That’s a total of almost 167,000 supporters’ clubs members.

Africa and United States leading the international expansion

Africa once again features prominently with four new official penyes, considerably boosting the blaugrana presence in the continent. One of these is the Penya Barcelonista Kigali, the first in Rwanda, created with some sixty members with the clear intention of uniting the different ethnic groups in the country under the single banner of blaugrana passion. Senegal again has a Barça penya in Penya Blaugrana de Dakar, with is starting out with some one hundred members. And the Penya Barcelonista de Laayoune confirms Morocco as the top African country in terms of clubs - currently counting eleven- while the Penya Barcelonista de Tunis is the second in Tunisia.

The United States is also gaining importance in the penya world, with two particularly active Californian penyes being officially recognised, the Penya Blaugrana San Diego and Penya Blaugrana Los Angeles. They both have around a hundred members and organised meetings on the occasion of the recent tour by the team in the country. There is also the Garden State Blaugrana Penya, located over in New Jersey, meaning the US is now home to ten official penyes.

New clubs in Catalonia and Spain

In the city Barcelona, the World Confederation welcomes two very special penyes. One is the Penya Barcelonista Solidària, which aims to focus primarily on charity activities in support of people most in need in the Catalan capital. And the Penya Barcelonista Valdivia has been created as a way to integrate the city’s Ecuadorian population into local life and Catalan society in general, using sport, leisure and the blaugrana spirit as the instruments.

In Andalusia, the Peña Barcelonista de Albolote “8 Infinito” has some sixty members and is the second official penya in Granada and hopes to build the bond between the different clubs in that region. Finally, the Peña Barcelonista Viriato de Zamora, with 150 members, is a new example of the Barça passion in Castile and Leon, while the Peña Barcelonista Villa de Mazo is the first club on the little island of La Palma in the Canaries.

These 12 new clubs mean the confirmation of the strong growth of FC Barcelona and its supporters’ club movement around the world. You can find the new official penyes on the list below:

  • Penya Blaugrana San Diego (United States of America)
  • Penya Barcelonista de Tunis (Tunisia)
  • Penya Barcelonista de Laayoune (Morocco)
  • Penya Blaugrana Los Angeles (United States of America)
  • Garden State Blaugrana Penya (United States of America)
  • Penya Barcelonista Kigali (Rwanda)
  • Penya Barcelonista Solidària (Barcelona)
  • Penya Blaugrana de Dakar (Senegal)
  • Peña Barcelonista Viriato de Zamora (Zamora)
  • Penya Blaugrana Valdivia (Barcelona)
  • Peña Barcelonista Villa de Mazo (Canary Islands)
  • Peña Barcelonista de Albolote "8 Infinito" (Granada)