World Federation leads 540 supporters heading for Prague

NEWS 21 Oct 2019 - Supporters' Clubs World Confederation

Barça to have plenty of unconditional supporters with them for the game against Slavia Prague

FC Barcelona’s travelling support around Europe for Champions League games is incessant, and this Wednesday is no exception. Slavia Prague are hosting a game that 540 blaugrana supporters will be attending in person. As usual, it is the World Federation that leads the way with 460 members on their way to the Eden Arena.

Leading the way, naturally, is Czech supporters’ club Penya Barcelonista Lleó de Dues Cues with 130 members, followed by the Penya Blaugrana Budapest of Hungary and Fan Club Barça Polska of Poland with 75 each, and the also Polish Penya Blaugrana de Poznán with 40, along with Penya Barcelonista Eslovaca dels Alts Tatras of Slovakia with 30 and Penya Barcelonista de Viena "Udo Steinberg" of Austria with 23 supporters.

Most of the other supporters’ clubs attending are also from around Europe, including PB Knokke-Heist of Belgium, PB Vandoeuvre Lorraine of France, PB Tel Aviv of Israel and PB Berlín Culé from Germany. Some fifty supporters from Catalonia and twenty from elsewhere in Spain include representatives of PB Mataró, PB Montgrí i Comarca, PB Frente Lugones and PB “Els Tamarells”, among others.


Barça dinner and meeting

The travelling fans are also organising events to forge bonds and brotherhood among the different ‘penyes’. The PB Lleó de Dues Cues is putting on a dinner tomorrow at a restaurant in the Czech capital prior to the game to be attended by the Director in Chief of the FC Barcelona Social Commission, Josep Maria Barnils; the president of the host ‘penya’, Tomáš Škurek, and some fifty guests. The same ‘penya’ is also organising a Meeting of supporters’ clubs and fans at the Želivárna bar at 3.00pm Wednesday to warm up for the game together.

Precisely, this supporters’ club turned official in 2011 and now has more than 240 members. However, it has been around for much longer than that, having organised its first event in 2005 with just five members, the same people who went on to found PB Lleó de Dues Cues.

“Our aim is to satisfy the needs of Barça fans in the Czech Republic, to keep them informed about the Club, to have the chance to get together and to celebrate our team’s victories”, says its supporters. The motto of the only Barça fan club in the country is “We are Barcelonistes, we are Czech”, and the members promote the club’s values and Catalan culture wherever they go.