Confederation to begin meetings with FC Barcelona presidential pre-candidates

The Penyes Council at the 40th World Congress of Supporters' Clubs. / Marc Guillen

NEWS 06 Nov 2020 - Supporters’ Clubs World Confederation

The entity, of which between 10% and 12% of the 170,000 penyistes are also club members, wishes to learn about the projects of each pre-candidate and find common ground for collaborative work

Following the call for forthcoming presidential elections for FC Barcelona, the Supporters’ Clubs World Confederation, an entity that includes and promotes the ‘Penyes’ movement globally, has scheduled a series of meetings with all the pre-candidates who have already made public their intention of standing for election. These meetings will be attended by the president of the Confederation president, Antoni Guil, the 30 FC Barcelona Federations of supporters' clubs presidents, the Agrupació de Futbol de Clubs i Penyes del FC Barcelona and the Grada d’Animació. Every one of them thinks of these meetings as an opportunity to present and share projects for all parties.

The Confederation wishes to learn first-hand about each pre-candidate’s project, with a special interest in the social area of the Club and everything that involves the supporters’ clubs movement, but also interested on the sports, economic and patrimonial projects. At the same time, the Confedereation, who brings together more than 170,000 Barça fans -of whom between 10 and 12% are also Club members-, will explain to the pre-candidates its current situation - this year it has celebrated the fifth anniversary of its creation - as well as its future plans for the next term (2021-2026).

Since the beginning of this pre-election process, the Confederation has emphasised its status as a pluralist movement. This is why the organisation had expressed from the outset its commitment to listen to all pre-candidates and get to know their projects, as well as their full will to contribute.