Statement from Supporters’ Clubs World Confederation

NEWS 19 Aug 2020 - Supporters’ Clubs World Confederation

Following the meeting of the FC Barcelona Board of Directors, and in relation to the agreements adopted due to the exceptional nature of the situation, the Supporters’ Clubs World Confederation wish to express a message of unity and respect for the diversity of opinions within the supporters’ clubs movement and FC Barcelona in general; opinions that, coming from our deep passion for the Club but also from common sense and reflection, enrich the debate and make FC Barcelona a fully democratic, participatory Club.

The serious sporting and economic crisis in which we find ourselves, in an unprecedented health and social emergency caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, demands that all involved with FC Barcelona make the necessary efforts for a transition, from today until the election of the new presidency of our Club, in which the differences and the indisputable disillusionment that we feel are overcome.

The Confederation are confident that, after honest and responsible reflection, the most viable scheduling option has been chosen to address the extraordinary difficulties and challenges ahead. We will be present on this journey, with full predisposition and collaboration, and with the commitment and determination that will allow us to succeed in all areas.

The Supporters’ Clubs World Confederation, which includes a wide range of FC Barcelona members and supporters from all over the world, strongly defends the idea that the future of our Club will be the result of consensus, overcoming differences, synergy and unity from all involved in Barcelona, and we will work to make this possible.