Changes made to application form for parking coaches at Camp Nou for security reasons

NEWS 07 Nov 2019 - Supporters' Clubs World Confederation

Penyes have until the night before the game to make changes to the information in the document

Until now, Barça supporters’ clubs that required a coach parking place at the Camp Nou on match days have filled in a form that has been applied since last season. However, for mobility reasons set out by certain security forces that are not part of FC Barcelona, a series of changes have been made to the form.


Who can request places on the form?

Absolutely any official supporters’ club without exception that wants to come to the Camp Nou and park on the site may apply for a coach parking space. However, both ‘penyes’ that have a season pass and those that are applying for a pass for a specific game must do so via the form.

If only requesting a pass for a specific game, ‘penyes’ must:

  • Fill in the online form that requests certain personal and logistic details.
  • Send it, and if also requesting an invitation for the driver, a localiser code will be sent to your email address.
  • Print the parking pass in A4 colour format, using both sides of the sheet.


If they already have a season pass, ‘penyes’ must:

  • Fill in the online form that requests certain personal and logistical details and send it.
  • There is no need for these supporters’ clubs to print a hard copy as they already have the season pass. They only need to use the form to announce that they intend to come to the game for security and spatial organisation purposes.


What changes have been applied?

Certain proposed changes have now been applied to simplify the procedure and give ‘penyes’ more time to provide up-to-date information in as much detail as possible. These changes do not include the addition of new coaches, but changes can be made to the details as already supplied and new details can be added.

However, despite these improvements, it is important to note that in order to streamline entrance to the Camp Nou, all coaches should be clearly identified with the name of the ‘penya’, and the driver’s mobile phone number should appear in a visible place. This ensures that security staff can guarantee that vehicles can be moved at all times. Any supporters’ club that fails to meet all of these requirements will not be able to park on the Barça premises.

The form also includes a check of personal details entered, such as national ID number, email and contact mobile telephone number.


When must the application be made?

The deadline for applying for parking spaces ends three days before the game at 11.55pm CET. However, changes can be made to the form until the night before the game, also at 11.55pm CET. During this two-day margin, new applications may not be issued and additional coaches cannot be added, but the details on applications already made may be changed or new details added, such as, for example the name of the driver, the driver’s contact telephone number and the vehicle’s licence plate number.