The candidacies for the elections of the Supporters’ Clubs Federations have been defined

The elections will take place at the end of July. / Dani Aznar

NEWS 15 Jul 2021 - Supporters’ Clubs World Confederation

The Electoral Board has approved the endorsements presented in each territory and voting is to take place in two zones: the World Federation and the Federació de Castelló

The elections for the 30 FC Barcelona Territorial Supporters’ Clubs Federations are proceeding as normal and in accordance with the established time frames. After the period for the presentation of candidacies closed last Monday, the endorsements presented by them were checked (they require the support of at least 20% of all of the supporters’ clubs in the corresponding Federation) and the Electoral Board declared the valid candidacies. The Board, which consists of two representatives from the Supporters’ Clubs World Confederation and two from FC Barcelona, is supervising every stage of the process in order to make sure everything functions as it should.

In 27 of the 30 Territorial Federations, the sole candidacy presented was confirmed as valid. Therefore, the individuals that form part of these candidacies shall be appointed as members of the Board of Directors for their Federation at the respective assemblies, which shall take place during the final week of July. In the two of the remaining zones, i.e. the World Federation and the Federació de Castelló, two valid candidacies were presented; consequently, the assemblies shall also incorporate a voting process to elect the new BoarId of Directors. For the first time, this process may now include the option of electronic voting. In the last zone remaining, the Federació d'Osona i El Ripollès, it has been requested a moratorium and the elections will be called as soon as possible. The full list of the candidacies presented can be checked here.

Democratic spirit

The elections of the Territorial Federations (organisations that are recognised in FC Barcelona’s Articles of Association) clearly demonstrate the democratic character of the entire supporters’ clubs movement. Once the respective presidents of the Federations have been elected, the new composition of the Supporters’ Clubs Council of the FC Barcelona Supporters’ Clubs World Confederation shall be duly established.