The Barça family welcomes 19 new official supporters’ clubs

NEWS 08 Jul 2021 - Supporters' Clubs World Confederation

The movement strengthens its major international expansion during the recent years, with 15 new official entities in the World Federation

The status of the supporters’ clubs as ambassadors of FC Barcelona around the world is becoming increasingly relevant and taking on a more far-reaching scope. This is evidenced by the recent incorporation of 19 new entities, which were officially approved by the FC Barcelona Board of Directors last month and materialized by the Penyes Council during its meeting on the 19th of June. Thus, the Supporters' Clubs World Confederation reinforces its global nature, adding new supporters’ clubs in countries where there were none, but also expanding in nearby areas despite the current difficulties.

Around the world

Once again, this growth is driven by the continuous expansion of the supporters’ clubs movement internationally, which is one of the main goals of the Penyes XXI Century project. 15 of the 19 incorporations correspond to the World Federation, presided by Antonio Freire. On this occasion, Europe has contributed significantly, with six new clubs: Penya Barcelonista Eastbelgium Eupen (Belgium), Penya Blaugrana Stuttgart (Germany), Penya Blaugrana Bucharest and Barça Fan Club Brasov (Romania), Penya Blaugrana di Bologna (Italy) and Penya del Barça Thessaloniki (Greece).

Six new official entities have also joined from Asia: Penya Blaugrana Salah Al Deen (Iraq), Penya del Barça Kozhikode (India), Penya Blaugrana Banglabarça de Dhaka (Bangladesh), Penya Barcelonista de Seúl (South Korea), Palestinian Barça Fans Club in Ramallah (Palestine) and PB Astana (Kazakhstan). In the case of the last four, these are the first official Barcelona supporters' clubs in their respective countries.

There are also pioneering entities in Africa, with the Penya Blaugrana Cotonou, which is the first in Benin, as well as in Central America, with the Penya Barcelonista de Estelí becoming the first supporters’ club in Nicaragua. Meanwhile, the United States has added its eleventh official entity with the incorporation of the Penya Blaugrana Las Vegas.

Catalonia and Valencia

This new batch of official supporters’ clubs also demonstrates that, despite the current difficulties, the movement is still alive and kicking at home. In the Barcelona area, the Penya Barcelonista Front 532 (The Barcelonès Est Federation) and the Penya Barcelonista Gruppen 1899 (Baix Llobregat Federation) have joined the Confederation. Meanwhile, the Penya Blaugrana d’Anglès has joined the Gironès, Selva, Garrotxa and Pla de l’Estany Federation. Finally, the Peña Barcelonista de Mislata has joined the Comarques de Valencia i Marina Alta Federation.

“Culers” in more than 70 countries

These new incorporations have once again demonstrated that the Barça Supporters' clubs movement, encompassed by the Confederation, knows no geographical or cultural boundaries. Proof of this is the fact that three out of every four entities officially approved over the last three seasons have been international. As a result, today there are official FC Barcelona supporters’ clubs in more than 70 different countries, putting together 1,259 entities.

List of the new official Barcelona supporters’ clubs:

  • Penya Barcelonista EastBelgium Eupen (Belgium)

  • Palestinian Barça Fans Club in Ramallah (Palestine)

  • Penya Blaugrana Las Vegas (US)

  • Penya Blaugrana de Salah Al Deen (Iraq)

  • Penya Blaugrana Bucharest (Romania)

  • Barça Fan Club Brasov (Romania)

  • Penya Barcelonista de Seúl (South Korea)

  • Penya Barcelonista Front 532 (Barcelona)

  • Penya Blaugrana Cotonou (Benin)

  • Penya Blaugrana BanglaBarça de Dhaka (Bangladesh)

  • Penya del Barça Kozhikode (India)

  • Penya Blaugrana de Astana (Kazakhstan)

  • Penya Blaugrana Stuttgart (Germany)

  • Penya del Barca Thessaloniki (Greece)

  • Peña Barcelonista de Mislata (Valencia)

  • Penya Barcelonista de Estelí (Nicaragua)

  • Penya Barcelonista Gruppen 1899 (Barcelona)

  • Penya Blaugrana di Bologna (Italy)

  • Penya Blaugrana d'Anglès (Girona)