eSports Penyes app adds Rocket League and chess tournaments

NEWS 03 Feb 2021 - Supporters' Clubs World Confederation

The two new games, in addition to Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 and Clash Royale, open their first competitions from mid-February

Two months after its launch, the eSports Penyes app, created by the Supporters' Clubs World Confederation to continue its eSports tournaments in online format, is adding two new games: Rocket League and chess. These new games, which are currently extremely popular among young eSports fans, are being added to the already existing eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 and Clash Royale. It means that users of the app, which is available both for Android and iOS, now have four games with which they can compete remotely with opponents anywhere else in the territory.

The first chess and Rocket League tournaments are planned to begin mid-February. Once launched, users of the eSports Penyes app will receive a message inviting them to take part, in the same way as with the already existing games. The chess games will be using the Lichess platform, which can be accessed via the website or free app on any operating system. As for Rocket League, the popular combination of football and spectacular vehicles, this is a crossed platform game, so users can compete regardless of whether they are using a PC or console.

With the inclusion of these two new games on the eSports Penyes app, the Confederation is furthering its commitment to online tournaments as an alternative to face-to-face events, which still can’t be held due to Covid-19 restrictions. The idea has gone down extremely well, and has managed to keep eSports thriving in the supporters’ clubs community.