Penyes huge response to help PB Beirut

Penya Barcelonista de Beirut

NEWS 07 Aug 2020 - Supporters’ Clubs World Confederation

Both the World Federation and different clubs have endorsed donations, while the PB Beirut has been fully implicated in helping its city

The dreadful explosion that devastated the city of Beirut has had tragic consequences for several thousand people who have lost their homes, businesses and even family members and friends. The Barça supporters movement has once again excelled itself in its response to the cause and its members have been using a variety of methods to help the people and institutions of the Lebanese capital, much of this in close coordination with the Penya Barcelonista de Beirut.  

The FC Barcelona Supporters’ Clubs World Confederation sent its full support to the Lebanese club and to help work out the best ways in which people can help. The World Penyes Federation, meanwhile, has donated 500 euros to the Children's Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL), which has been so seriously affected by the explosion and which the PB Beirut has always been especially supportive of. The North American penyes have been especially quick to react, organising an online fundraising campaign that will be channelled through the Beirut club to ensure the funds get to the people that need them on the ground. The PB de Lyon has also been doing a great job to raise funds

PB Beirut fully implicated in its city 

Despite having been so directly affected by the explosion, the PB Beirut has been tirelessly labouring to help its people at such tragic times. As well as immediately pledging its support for the cancer centre, the penya has set up a blood donation programme and is helping to publicise service announcements, regarding such matters as accommodation, food and all kinds of aid for the affected people, different telephone helplines and even hospital lists so people can find each other, as well helping the campaign to locate missing persons. 

All of this showcases the important role that penyes serve in their communities and helping to bring out the best in people during difficult times. And the international response has been a clear example of the good work that the Barcelona supporter movement does and the caring values that the members always express in times of such pressing need.