450 supporters headed for Naples

NEWS 24 Feb 2020 - Supporters’ Clubs World Confederation

Local supporters’ club holding a meeting for fans on the day of the match

The century old Barça supporters’ movement is one again demonstrating its insatiable support for their team wherever they might go. Next on the list in Naples for the Champions League last sixteen first leg, for which 450 ‘penyistes’ will be crossing land and sea to get to the historic city in the south of Italy. As is so often the case, in the World Federation it’s Polish supporters’ clubs that lead the way, with Fan Club Barça Polska sending 65 people to the game and PB Poznan adding a further 30. Next on the list is PB Tel Aviv with 20 members travelling from Israel. 

The players can also count on a considerable amount of support from Italian fans. The recently officialised PB Napoli, plus PB Roma and PB Turin will be contributing around 50 fans. Between them, while other well represented ‘penyes’ flying from Catalonia include PB Gamper de Barcelona, PB Budapest, PB Montgrí i Comarca, PB Almogàvers Garrotxins and PB Mataró.

PB Napoli: Official opening 

The Penya Blaugrana di Napoli was officially endorsed by the club on January 13 of this year by the Supporters’ Clubs World Confederation and FC Barcelona. With 70 members in its ranks, it could not have wished for a better way to begin operations, and are ready to welcome the players and fans to their city with open arms. They have organised a special fan meeting to enjoy the build-up to the game at Alexander Burger Grill, a pub in the heart of the city centre, at 2.00 pm, where they are expected to be joined by around 200 fellow supporters. 

They are also holding an official dinner tonight at Trattoria del Golfo, with plenty of traditional Italian food on offer. As well as FC Barcelona board membera José Maria Barnils, Jordi Moix and Teresa Basilio, and the president of the Confederation, Antoni Guil, around fifty ‘penya’ members and other people from the Barça supporting environment are expected to be present. 

These include the president of the World Federation, Antonio Freire; the president of the host club, Giusi Zaffiro; the government delegate to the Generalitat de Catalunya in Italy, Luca Bellizzi; the president of PB Roma, Massimiliano Morgante; the president of PB Turin, Vittorio Giorgio Pegone; and the president of PB Lombarda, Pietro Locatelli. The highlight will be the presentation to the Neapolitan supporters’ club of its official crest, a symbolic gesture to reflect the club’s integration in the Barça supporters’ movement, which now features an amazing 1,265 ‘Penyes’ all around the world.